Expereo, world's leading internet, cloud connectivity and SD-WAN provider, has undertaken many CSR-initiatives over the past years, such as implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into their strategy by taking on different sustainable projects. One of them is working together with Closing the Loop to make their phones waste-neutral. 


The idea

Expereo wanted to implement different ways to improve and enhance their sustainability and CSR-targets as a company. One of the options was to look at their current IT policy and add sustainability to their procurement of new phones.


The objectives

  • Ensure all departments work together to enhance circular economy;
  • To make employees familiar with Expereo’s sustainability policy and targets;
  • Send a signal to the IT industry that there are plenty of opportunities yet;
  • To externally report on sustainability targets


The plan

Expereo has committed to promote sustainability company-wide, and they follow the SDGs in shaping initiatives to compensate for their impact as a company. A sustainable procurement plan was part of these company-wide initiatives and the IT department was eager to also participate in this plan.

“As Expereo we aim to be as responsible and sustainable as possible and our cooperation with Closing the Loop supports us with this. Their easy process of collecting the old mobile phone and their friendly and passionate team made this partnership an enjoyable and meaningful experience for Expereo. The circular economy is now part of our CSR strategy, which impacts positively not only on the environment but also improves the life of the local societies involved in this process.” - Inge Strating, Executive Assistant, PA to the CEO 


The service

For every phone the company purchases, Closing the Loop responsibly collects an equal amount of scrap phones from countries where it is needed the most. Therefore, the service was added to the procurement process of the company.


The results

For Expereo the result was twofold. On the one hand, Expereo implemented sustainable IT into their procurement processes, enabling every employee to make an impact while using their mobile devices everyday. On the other hand, Expereo also used the collaboration to communicate with their employees organizing a presentation by CTL’s CEO, Joost de Kluijver, explaining about the collaboration during the Annual Expereo Green Day. Besides the internal communication, Expereo also communicated on their social media and their website on the collaboration, engaging external stakeholders into their sustainability targets.


Need assistance with implementing your circularity strategy?

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