Celebrating a Decade of Success at Closing the Loop

13 June 2024

A Milestone Worth Celebrating

Last week, Closing the Loop reached a significant milestone – our 10-year anniversary! It feels like yesterday when we embarked on our mission to reduce electronic waste and champion a circular business model that combines positive impact with commercial success.

A Night to Remember

Last Friday, we hosted a memorable celebration in Amsterdam to mark this incredible achievement. Surrounded by those who have been fundamental in this ten year journey, we invited an intimate group to ring in a decade of work. From our team, to investors, our team’s partners, and even former employees, who came to join the celebration, we enjoyed an evening of delicious food, refreshing drinks, lively conversations coupled with many photo booth mementos. The atmosphere was vibrant, and it was heartwarming to see everyone reconnecting and celebrating the journey we have shared.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Each of you has played an essential role in our growth and success. We want to extend our deepest gratitude to our partners in Africa that have made our work possible, although they could not attend the celebration, their role in Closing the Loop is crucial to its success.

Our journey would not have been possible without the incredible support and dedication of our team, both current and former employees, our valued investors, partners, and loyal customers. Thank you to everyone who could celebrate both in Amsterdam and abroad, we are so grateful to have such a supportive and close-knit community.

We were delighted to see so many familiar faces, who have always been a cherished part of our story. Maintaining these relationships is something we hold dear, as it has helped create the strong, supportive culture we are so proud of at Closing the Loop.

Our Impact and Future Goals

In the past decade, we have successfully collected and diverted up to 4 million scrap devices from landfills, showcasing the tangible impact of our efforts. This accomplishment is a testament to the collective hard work and commitment of everyone involved.
We are excited about what the future holds for Closing the Loop. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming partnerships, goals, and further achievements. We are eager to continue this journey with all of you by our side.

Thank you once again for your unwavering support. Here’s to many more years of closing the loop together!