E-Waste & Cosmetics

26 September 2018

On Monday, Closing the Loop participated in a panel at the LUSH Showcase event. In addition to showcasing their new products at this event, LUSH also shares their dedication to honest and sustainable production and supply chains.

The panel discussed our addiction to mobile technology and what affect this has on the environment and the world. The panel outlined the challenges that electronic waste bring, as well as the social consequences of excessive use of mobile technology. Of course there were a few good solutions to this problem, including our own One for One proposition, offsetting the negative impact of our mobile phones, in essence a step towards circular mobile phones!

LUSH sees that e-waste is a problem and that it's important that consumers are not only aware of the problems, but that they also act to make a change and help solve the e-waste problem. A big stand at the event showed the e-waste problem, and also showcased some solutions, such as Fairphone, The Restart Project and cooperation in order to prolong the life of your devices.