WCEF+Climate Action Statement of Closing the Loop

13 April 2021

Action is embedded in Closing the Loop’s DNA. That is why today, we submitted our WCEF+Climate Action Statement. This statement will show how we turn long term goals into action, as we have done and keep doing for our clients, every day.

We believe that action is the only way to transition into a circular economy. Instead of waiting for high-level goals to be achieved, we strive to help organizations to start on the abstract topic of ‘circular economy’, by implementing a practical, sustainable service that has real worldwide impact. 

In this action statement, we pledge: 

  • To commit to taking action and shaping the future of circular economy, every day;
  • To help our partners to take action in a pragmatic way, while making impact; 
  • To make pragmatic circular solutions, e.g. waste compensation, a worldwide norm, enabling and encouraging companies to take action; 
  • To enhance our cross-regional collaboration with local partners in Africa; 
  • To accelerate a circular economy, not only in Europe or the Netherlands, but worldwide. 

By submitting this WCEF+Climate Action Statement, we encourage governments, businesses, and other organizations to take the next steps towards a circular economy. Taking real action is easier than many believe, and can be done today.

Would you like your organization to contribute to circular economy, today?

Reach out to Closing the Loop to explore how actionable, pragmatic results can be achieved, right now.