The week of the Circular Economy for Closing the Loop

8 February 2021

How adding circular steps into your business model is smart and easy! 

Every year, the Week of the Circular Economy is hosted in the Netherlands. The Netherlands aims to be a fully circular society in 2050, and steps need to be taken to reach this long-term goal. At Closing the Loop, we believe that steps can already be taken today and there needs to be action in order to reach goals that are set in stone for the future. 


The Week of the Circular Economy for Closing the Loop

The week started off with the National Conference of the Circular Economy, a full day of presentations, discussions and knowledge sharing about circular initiatives. On Wednesday, we were acknowledged as one of the circular frontrunners launching the Circular Gap Report 2021, by Circular Economy. Thursday marked the launch of our first FMCG’s client; Lidl! Lidl uses our service as a valuable contribution to their sustainability targets, as their laptops, tablets and phones become waste-free. Lidl’s sustainability specialist, Martijn Visser, on the collaboration: 'We know that the electronics supply chain is far from circular, and therefore we are very happy to collaborate with CTL to compensate for the waste of our devices.’ On Friday, we drew some attention towards a public client: the City of Rotterdam. Adding our service to their procurement policies helps the City to step towards their goal to be circular. All these examples show that making circular steps is easy, and possible today. 



By implementing services that are already in the market today. Multiple companies that offer models where you can lease your favorite product, such as jeans or bikes, are already operational and in this way, you can start your circular journey today. Or by asking your employer to implement waste compensation, a perfect way to start on circularity for a topic that is usually far from circular; mobile devices. A part of the company that is usually struggling with reaching sustainability targets, but that can be part of the sustainability strategy in a fairly easy way. Collaborating with Closing the Loop shows that it can be easy, simple and pragmatic, with great results. 

Would you like to implement sustainability in the same way as 50 of our clients and contribute to a circular economy for IT? Let’s get in touch by reaching out to info [at]