We buy your redundant IT hardware - and give it a second life. Data-secure, easy and uniquely sustainable.

Mobile devices are often used for a much shorter period than their technical life span. This means that phones and tablets that could be still used for several years – if needed after repair or refurbishing – unfortunately end up in drawers, storage rooms and are even treated as waste.

A large collection of phones to be reused from one of our customers

Closing the Loop offers easy and safe life cycle extension solutions that have unparalleled sustainability scores. In traditional reuse programs, sale and shipment of a used phone will lead to more electronic waste in those countries that lack recycling facilities for this waste: developing countries. Closing the Loop ensures its processes do not lead to e-waste in emerging markets by linking each reusable phone to the collection of a scrap phone. This makes Closing the Loop’s reuse program waste-free.