Our Team

Joost de Kluijver


Greener Tech can also be appealing and fun. I’m really excited to see how CTL is turning positive impact into commercial and social value. I lead the commercial department for this great industry innovation, which means I connect to B2B tech users and their suppliers. Connect to me for questions on how the tech you use can be more aligned with your values - and why that is a smart thing to do.

Reinhardt Smit

Supply Chain Director

I grew up in South Africa and Ghana and have seen what opportunities the African continent brings. I put this experience to use in ensuring that our supply chain delivers the quality of service we promise our customers. I manage the company operations, including our supply chain in the global south. You can reach out to me to explore potential supply chain partnerships.


Ana Maria Alvarez

Marketing Director

After 14 years in a corporate environment in various marketing roles, it was time for me to start a new chapter and join CTL as Marketing Director. What I most look forward to is working with our clients, bringing together the waste compensation message in an impactful way. Reach out if you want to know how CTL fits your corporate values, or how we together can tell the story that speaks out to your stakeholders.


Ryan Bark

Sales Director

Joining Closing the Loop is really closing the loop for me in bringing together my passion for technology in a commercial environment and making an impact today that makes sense to my children. You can reach out to me with any questions on commercial partnerships and to get started on sustainable IT.

Leon Boshuizen

Business Development Director

Having worked in the telecommunications industry since 2006, some people refer to me being a 'telco dinosaur' where I prefer the term experienced. I want to use this experience at Closing the Loop to show the industry that profit, and purpose can go hand in hand. Our 'One for One' service has a clear positive impact on people and planet, while providing clear commercial benefits.

Stephanie Mendonça

Business Development Manager

Having previously worked at a well-known Greentech NGO I saw firsthand the negative impact of mismanaged waste. Closing the Loop is a pioneer in waste compensation and has the strategy of the customer at heart. As Business Development Manager I am your point of contact for when your company is ready to take its first steps towards circular consumption.

Wiske Hermans

Inside Sales Specialist

CTL found a pragmatic way to create social, environmental, and economic impact, as soon as today. By not focusing on the problem, but rather on solutions, and acting on them. I can help both existing and new clients to implement, market and communicate green tech CSR ambitions. Connect to me if you'd like to find out we could compliment your companies’ values.

Griffin Daly

Project Manager Supply Chain

My previous work in sustainable construction practices led me to pursue sustainability as a direct actor and not just as an end user. Together with Closing the Loop I will work with our suppliers and partners in developing countries to compensate waste for our global clients IT devices. You can reach out to me if you are interested in becoming a supplier for us.

Paul van der Burg

Jr. Project Manager Supply Chain

I believe it is the priority of our generation to consider sustainability when operating a company. Closing the Loop offers a service that simply make sense. Collaborating with the key players of our world in such a digital era is a great solution to influence the trends around sustainability and circularity. I am proud to have the opportunity to make an impact and support this company in its growth within the operations and logistics department.

Jan van Berne

Board Member

Jan van Berne is a hands-on investor actively helping and driving growth for scale-ups. Jan holds board positions in companies including Closing the Loop and Eco- Movement. Jan has over 20 years of international operational (in more than 14 countries) and M&A experience. He invests in biotech and agritech, IT, media, and telecom, with a strong focus on impact and sustainability.

Marc Mullens

Board Member

After an economics study in Amsterdam Marc started a business in catering and bakery in 2004. Marc strongly believes that unique values, tenacity, good marketing, passionate leaders with a strong vision, diverse and empowered employees and a good management thereof are key aspects to a successful enterprise. Marc is an active impact investor looking forward to helping CTL scale its business in a sensible way and consequently making a better world for his children.