Dustin leads the way, as our first nationwide partner, offering our service to the market as part of their sustainability efforts. Dustin is actively contributing to the journey towards circularity in IT by enabling sustainable IT procurement. 

Dustin and Closing the Loop are committed to promote IT solutions to companies and organisations that are sustainable. An example of this commitment is the innovative "One for One" service, seamlessly integrated into Dustin's services portfolio in the Netherlands.

“One for One” means that for every phone sold by Dustin, one scrap phone is collected and recycled in countries that lack formal waste management facilities. The service can also be applied for other products like tablets and laptops.

With this approach, Dustin demonstrates its dedication in providing IT solutions that deliver clear value to customers while achieving environmental and social impact. The partnership of Dustin and Closing the Loop showcase the potential of circular innovations. It also presents a step towards a more sustainable IT industry.


Dustin is dedicated to promoting responsible IT solutions to its customers. To help achieve this, they partnered in 2018 with Closing the Loop, and together they bring waste compensation to many clients in the public & private sector with a substantial e-waste footprint. 

It is important for Dustin to contribute towards the circular transition of the industry. This is a way of driving the entire industry in a positive direction and a step towards our own goal to be 100 percent circular by 2030. We want to make it easier for companies and the public sector to be more sustainable, says René Schenk, Director NL  Dustin in the Netherlands.


By partnering with Closing the Loop, Dustin ensures that for every time its customers purchase a new device with the service included, an equal amount of electronic waste is collected and properly recycled from countries that lack formal waste management facilities. 


Partnerships like these extend beyond their environmental impact. By incorporating initiatives like 'One for One,' resellers reinforce their customers' commitment to embracing sustainable practices, exploring innovative approaches towards implementing circular business models and delivering added value to their customers.

Together, the efforts of Dustin and Closing the Loop have by 2023 already resulted in the collection of  more than 500.000 scrap phones. This incredible achievement is contributing to the reduction of e-waste in emerging markets and creating economic opportunities for the local communities.

Dustin has combined commercial, social and environmental benefits by using the services of Closing the Loop.

Are you interested in adding this green differentiator to your offer, such as Dustin and many other organisations have done? 

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