KPMG and Closing the Loop successfully compensated 5.500 phones from 2018-2021, thereby contributing to circular IT and a reduced ecological footprint for the company. Both organisations use the collaboration to showcase how circularity can be tangible and straight forward. 

The challenge 

KPMG is actively tackling climate change and wants to reduce its ecological footprint as well as support environmental innovation. KPMG has drawn up an action plan, based on a circularity scan, in which the IT, Facilities, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability departments work together to anchor the ambitions for a circular economy in its business model. With more than 3.000 employees who have a business phone, IT turned out to be a point of attention. The current reality is that manufacturers of mobile phones don’t offer good options to close the loop for their devices.

Reducing our ecological footprint is one of the important pillars of KPMG's Corporate Responsibility strategy. The collaboration with Closing the Loop is a concrete example of a circular opportunity that KPMG has utilised. - Titia Schutten, Advisor Corporate Responsibility, KPMG Netherlands

Titia Schutten

The service 

For every phone KPMG buys, Closing the Loop collects a scrap phone in Africa and takes care of proper recycling. One for one.

The solution

By preventing phones to become waste in Africa, Closing the Loop’s approach ensures less pollution and creates income for people in developing countries. This combination turned out to be of great added value for KPMG.

The result

Through the collaboration, Closing the Loop fulfills part of KPMG's wish to anchor circularity in a tangible and straight forward way in its business model and to reduce CO2 emissions. Taking into account that the average lifespan of a phone is around 3 years, Closing the Loop has already compensated 5.500 phones for KPMG over the last 4 years. This led to tangible social and environmental benefits. These results were shared via an annually updated infographic. KPMG was showcased as a circular pioneer in many PR communications from Closing the Loop.

KPMG is in constant dialogue with its customers and other stakeholders about its Corporate Responsibility strategy and the way in which it further reduces its ecological footprint. The collaboration with Closing the Loop is one of the concrete initiatives that KPMG talks about in such conversations.

Are you interested in getting started on circularity?

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