Paessler and Closing the Loop team up to enable waste neutral electronics for the company. The company had a wish to reduce their resource use by implementing practical steps. Collaborating with Closing the Loop was such an easy, pragmatic step! 

Paessler believes monitoring plays a vital part in reducing humankind's consumption of resources. Data provided by Paessler PRTG monitoring software helps their customers save resources, from optimizing their IT, OT and IoT infrastructures, to reducing energy consumption or emissions. In July 2020, Paessler explained how their company purpose came to life and influenced the vision of the company to become carbon neutral, which was reached in 2020 already. 

Two things were of uttermost importance to Paessler since the company was founded in 1997. One was to take practical steps instead of just starting with theoretical considerations. Examples would be to compensate for all flights, installing a PV plant on the HQ’s roof and organizing an internal event to educate colleagues and their families on the impact of climate change. Second, Paessler aims to reduce their company-wide resource use and, with the help of Closing the Loop, the reduction of electronic waste has proven to be another important piece to ensure the sustainable efforts of their journey.


The idea

To continue taking practical steps to optimize their company output, Paessler went looking for other opportunities and next steps in some business units that proved to be complex before. By implementing practical solutions, even if these are not yet perfect, Paessler liked the idea of continuing to walk the talk. 


The objectives

  • Make a concrete impact on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 12; introducing more sustainable consumption within the company; 
  • Enable reduction of the overall resource consumption of the company; 
  • Contribute to the corporate climate neutrality strategy; 
  • Reduce the company’s waste output by compensating their IT products; 
  • Prepare the company and employees for the future needs; 
  • Take practical steps today, rather than tomorrow or in the future


The plan

To add on the initiatives that Paessler already undertakes, sustainable IT was something that remained quite unknown and not yet discovered. Paessler wanted to implement something practical and pragmatic, that delivered immediate results in terms of sustainability, but also towards their employees, clients and external stakeholders. 


At Paessler we want to we contribute to reducing the consumption of resources by humankind. Together with our customers, who use data based on our monitoring solutions, but also starting with us: In 2020 we were able to reach CO2 neutrality, but this is only the start of our journey. Reducing our waste output is an important piece of the puzzle and the service offered by Closing the Loop is helping us achieve our goal.” - Jörn Paessler (Team Lead)

The service

For every phone and notebook Paessler buys and is used by Paessler employees, Closing the Loop collects an equivalent amount of waste in countries where there is no recycling facility. Paessler is also compensating their monitors by supporting the ECoN pilot project by Closing the Loop and Öko-Institut, Germany’s leading environmental research institute. The project is co-funded by the PREVENT Waste Alliance, an initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 


The results 

By compensating the devices Paessler buys every year, the company is now using their devices waste-neutral. This achievement enables Paessler employees to use their devices without negatively impacting the environment. With this story, Paessler could easily add to their purpose statement and reach their two main goals: waste reduction and practical implementation. Paessler also released a blog article to inform and engage their employees and stakeholders.