Royal Schiphol Group has taken a big step towards a circular business. By compensating the waste that their mobile phones will eventually cause, they have made their phone usage more circular and sustainable. In addition, their old and used phones will get a responsible new life in an emerging market.

The challenge 

Schiphol has the ambition to become the most sustainable airport in the world by breaking the linear chain of raw materials. Its goal is to be a zero-waste airport in the future. For example, the airport has already implemented circular lighting and circular, bio-based seating. However, Schiphol is a very technical company as well and circular IT remained a challenge. Most Schiphol employees use a business phone and they are crucial in fulfilling their daily jobs.

We are aiming to be waste-free by 2030. Working with Closing the Loop brings us a step closer to our goal. This partnership is one of the ways we help build a circular economy at Schiphol. - Denise Pronk, Sustainability Programme Manager Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

The service 

Closing the Loop, via its reselling partners, gave the old phones a second life. By preventing 1.800 phones to become waste in Africa, Schiphol’s new phones were made waste-neutral.

The solution

Schiphol partnered with Closing the Loop to (1) extend the life cycle of 800 used mobile phones and (2) remove one defective phone from landfills in developing countries for each new phone Schiphol bought. 

The result

Through the collaboration, Closing the Loop assisted Schiphol to think outside the box in relation to circular IT and to enter new partnerships that contribute to the Schiphol’s circular ambition. It has also let to tangible social and environmental benefits. These results were shared via an infographic. Schiphol was showcased as a circular pioneer in many PR communications from Closing the Loop. By cooperating with Closing the Loop, Schiphol has become a front runner in circular IT. Schiphol encourages others to also be part of the circular economy and actively communicates about its efforts to become a zero-waste airport. The collaboration with Closing the Loop is actively part of that goal. 

Are you interested in getting started on circularity?

Like Schiphol and more than 50 other organisations, you can combine positive social, environmental and PR benefits, by using the services of Closing the Loop. Become a circular pioneer! Get in touch via 020 75 26 506 or info [at]