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Closing the Loop offers users, buyers, and sellers of devices an easy way to compensate the waste of the product purchase and use. We collect scrap phones (in developing countries, at the end of their useful lives) on behalf of our customers, thereby compensating their IT devices. The service delivers a positive environmental impact, a great story, measurable results, employee engagement, and stakeholder happiness. 


There has hardly ever been a product that symbolizes innovation as much as the mobile phone does. The device connected billions to the Internet for the first time. It allows citizens to challenge their government, aid organizations to interact with the most remote communities, and whole countries to increase their economic growth.

The fact that over five billion people use a phone and that the sector accounts for 4.5 percent of global GDP illustrates the industry’s extraordinary impact on society. All across the globe, people benefit from the vast array of mobile services and tools, and enjoy entertainment and learning at the touch of a button.

Did you know that the telecom industry makes a huge contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Phones provide digital access, which improves healthcare, education quality, combats hunger and other major global challenges. To be exact: digital access has a clear positive impact on 65% of SDGs across the world. Is it too much to say that phones symbolize innovation, advancement, and a better future?

There is just one downside to this icon’s record – the device itself.

Much is written about it, and many of us have seen pictures of the horrific e-waste dumps that ooze toxic substances into land and water. The simple fact is that, of the two billion phones produced every year, a small fraction is recycled. And of those, only a tiny number are recycled responsibly so that the components or raw materials can be reused. Consequently, digital access has a major negative effect on SDG 12: Sustainable Consumption.

It is as ridiculous as it is true: the icon of advancement ends up as electronic and chemical waste. And tragically this waste causes problems in the most vulnerable places; developing countries. These areas lack the advanced facilities needed to recycle e-waste. 

Closing the Loop provides our customers a way to remove that black mark and turn things around. 

People say that recycling all the devices that a global industry puts on the market is impossible. Here’s how we see it,

The phone will be the first product to prove them wrong 

It is the iconic status of the mobile phone; its power to inspire while playing an essential role in our world will make it the first waste-free product. 

Closing the Loop started with phones and has expanded to other devices. We have a service for tablets and laptops and can create custom-made solutions for other IT hardware. 

So, your company wants to walk the talk of action for change; here’s a step you can take right away with almost no disruption to your processes, no impact on your current purchasing agreements, and at minimal cost. What is not to like?

What are you waiting for. Get started on circularity.