Your phone is now waste neutral!

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Closing the Loop is a for-profit social enterprise. It offers an easy first step towards sustainable consumption of electronics.

This is done through a service called  ‘waste compensation’. 

What is waste compensation?

Waste compensation makes devices such as phones ‘waste-neutral’. This means that a new phone is compensated by the recycling of one scrap device, on a ‘one for one’ basis. This collected scrap would otherwise not be recycled.  


Why should tech companies offer waste compensation? 

Leading brands such as Vodafone and Samsung have added the service to their propositions. It allows them to differentiate, strengthen their brand value and increase customer satisfaction. Next to reducing electronic waste.

The service is safe and easy to implement and highly customer centric. This allows brands to attain visible results, instantly. Results that matter to their business and to society. Some results include customer engagement, storytelling value and valuable learnings around green or circular operations.

What is electronic waste and why should we tackle this?

E-waste (electronic waste) is currently the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Learn more about the topic here


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