18 March 2024

A pioneering partnership between Vodafone Germany and Closing the Loop has resulted in the collection of 1.5 million scrap phones. This initiative prevents 80 tons of hazardous waste from ending up in landfills, instead converting it into reusable materials.

E-waste is a global problem. That's why our solutions must not end at national borders. With One for One, we take responsibility and set an example for the industry. Not just a sign of change, but a sign of action. We close the loop for our customers. For every new phone we bring into circulation, we retrieve an old one- Michael Jungwirth, Head of Sustainability, Vodafone Germany.

The project stands out as one of the telecommunications industry's largest phone recycling initiatives, and it will recover approximately 7 kilograms of gold, 6,300 kilograms of copper, and 37 kilograms of silver for future use. Moreover, it has provided more than 3,800 living wages for the community in Accra, Ghana, who collect the scrap phones.

Closing the Loop offers sustainable electronic waste reduction services to tech brands around the world. It partners with Vodafone Germany since 2022. Together, they have integrated Closing the Loop’s unique “One for One” service into the device sales to Vodafone’s direct customers.

This innovative approach promotes the reuse of valuable materials, mitigates environmental impact by diverting electronic waste from landfills, and fosters local economic growth.

This milestone is a proof point to the power of collaboration and partnership in driving positive change. By teaming up with a respected tech brand like Vodafone, we are demonstrating the collective impact that can be achieved when organizations work together to pioneer new business models; these 1.5 million mobile phones collected for Vodafone serve as the cornerstone in our journey toward an even bigger goal: To establish the first secure recycling facility on the African continent- Joost de Kluijver, CEO of Closing the Loop

Read here more about this important achievement in the One for One website (German) and learn more about the news (German) in Vodafone's Magazine  or read in English here.