6 October 2023

On September 14th , Dustin - a leading IT business partner - and Closing the Loop (CTL) - celebrated a significant milestone as a result of a long-term partnership. 

We have been collaborating on pragmatic ways to reduce electronic waste with the main result so far being the collection of more than 500.000 scrap phones.

Since the start of our collaboration in 2018, together we have pioneered circular services that improve technology consumption practices. These efforts have helped numerous of Dustin’s clients to get started on greener, or circular procurement. Users of this service include the Dutch national Government, Rabobank and many more.

By partnering with us, Dustin ensures that for every time its customers purchase a new device, one end-of-life device will be collected and properly recycled in countries that lack formal waste management facilities.

With this milestone, we reaffirm our respective commitments to adopting sustainable practices and exploring new ways to implement circular business models. The success of this partnership serves as an inspiration for other companies to join hands in delivering value for their customers, while creating meaningful change and building a more sustainable world.

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