Launch of Closing The E-Loop: Featuring CTL

9 October 2023

Unlocking Sustainable Tech Solutions: Launch of the E-Loop Toolkit Featuring 'Closing The Loop' Interview

We are excited to share our latest participation in the interview, "Closing The Loop: Closing the E-loop Interview" featuring our Founder, Joost de Kluijver.
In this interview, Joost was invited to share his expertise in developing a customer-centric business model that not only drives commercial success but also funds waste collection and recycling initiatives. This discussion offers a valuable opportunity for those seeking a deeper understanding of commercially scaled, effective circular procurement and an engaging narrative of getting customers excited for waste reduction.


What is the Closing the E-loop toolkit ?

This interview is part of new online knowledge toolkit, a comprehensive resource designed to teach about circular economy to students age 14-16. This program was organized and launched by Tim de Ridder together with Comsol and, and features contributions from 38 industry experts representing 35 different organizations. 

Although the package is meant for students, the interviews and resources generated are valuable for anybody wanting to learn more about how to get started with circular business models.

Want to learn more? 

Visit COOL.ORG page which contains the toolkit and also includes a portfolio of factsheets that are designed as additional teaching/learning materials. 

Here is the link to the Sustainable Electronics Solutions video showcase for all the interviews.