A project done by Closing the Loop & partners is recognised by GIZ as a circular success

22 November 2023

Validating Proof for Circular Solutions- GIZ recognizes Closing the Loop & Partners' Project as Circular Success

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, one of Germany's foremost research organisations, has endorsed and included the  Econ project in its latest catalogue. This recognition positions the Econ project as a clear example of a circular solution that has proven successful in advancing sustainable and circular economy initiatives .

Closing the Loop, in collaboration with Oeko-Institut e.V., Hinckley Associates Nigeria, and the PREVENT Waste Alliance, embarked on a pioneering pilot project in Nigeria in 2021. The initiative aimed to showcase the transformation of voluntary collection and recycling of monitors into a sustainable business model that benefits local communities.

What started as a pilot project has evolved into a flourishing small-scale business, driven by the efforts of the local community. Today, the success of the Econ project stands as a testament to the potential for circular solutions to create positive social and environmental impact.

This acknowledgement not only validates the effectiveness of Closing the Loop's efforts but also emphasises the scalability and replicability of the Econ projectt in diverse contexts, potentially inspiring other organisations and communities to adopt similar circular solutions.

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