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Our customers pay us to collect scrap phones in emerging markets for them (on their behalf). This creates a ‘closed loop’ solution for phones; for every new device they buy, we collect and responsibly recycle a scrap phone. One for One. It leads to environmental benefits, but also creates a unique and appealing story on green procurement and circularity for phones.

This video explains our One for One service.

It works like this:

  • You buy a phone and want this purchase to be more sustainable;
  • CTL charges you a fee of a few euros per phone;
  • CTL uses that fee to pay its African partners for the collection of an end-of-life phone;
  • Only end-of-life devices are purchased that are no longer relevant for normal use. This is guaranteed by the purchase price paid for the scrap devices being lower than the common price of devices for second hand use;
  • This collection is done by local communities in the emerging world, in a safe way that is fully in line with international laws;
  • CTL collects in areas where there is no functional mandatory or regulatory take-back system, and therefore does not compete with any existing systems mandated by law;
  • If proper recycling is not possible locally, CTL ships the waste to certified facilities;
  • The waste is then turned into reusable materials (urban mining), in a safe and clean way;
  • You get great content, circular results and assured reporting on our approach.

Some call it Global Extended Producer Responsibility. Others refer to it as an offsetting program. We call it One for One. For every device you buy (or sell), we collect and responsibly recycle a scrap phone. The basic idea: you consume (a great product), you fund (great recycling).
If this simple rule is implemented, waste would no longer increase and materials needed for production would become much more widely available.

Get started on circularity.

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