Closing the Loop and Rabobank have collaborated since 2018. This led to the current set up, in which every phone bought by the bank is made waste-neutral. The collaboration has created tangible results for Rabobank, as well as lowered the ecological footprint of the company.


Rabobank believes that circularity will contribute to a resilient economy. To support the transition into a circular economy, Rabobank helps entrepreneurs, large corporates and other organizations to scale sustainably. 

Rabobank and CTL share the same ambitions for the future. We joined forces in Building a better world together. Working with CTL is pragmatic and inspiring due to its simple and highly effective way of work. Doing good is easy this way… (Abe Boersma, Global Head IT Infra Engineering)


For every phone Rabobank buys, Closing the Loop responsibly collects and recycles a scrap phone from Africa. This waste compensation for IT hardware links the purchase of a new device to the recycling of an equivalent amount of electronic waste. It combines the best of two worlds: a pragmatic service that allows for an easy first step towards circular operations, which focuses on the device that every employee uses every day: mobile phones. It makes circularity relevant and tangible for individual employees. 


Through the collaboration, Closing the Loop helps Rabobank to create an inclusive strategy and implement circular thinking into IT procurement. Rabobank believes that transitioning to a circular economy will require new business models, of which Closing the Loop offers one. To celebrate the collaboration, Rabobank and Closing the Loop organized an event where Dutch State Secretary of the Environment, Stientje van Veldhoven, launched the partnership. Since the start, around 6076 kg CO2 was saved, and 575 kg e-waste has been saved and responsibly recycled. 

One other aspect was of major importance to Rabobank; employee engagement. To achieve this, Closing the Loop helped Rabobank by delivering appealing content - such as pictures, video and text -to help share the story of waste-free electronics internally. Additionally, when employees receive their new phone, they see a sticker on the new box that redirects employees to a landing page via a QR code, explaining how Rabobank and Closing the loop work together to make the devices waste-neutral. 


Like the Dutch provinces, environmental services and more than 50 other organizations, you can combine positive social, environmental and PR benefits by using the services of Closing the Loop. Become a circular pioneer. Get in touch via 020 75 26 506 or info [at] closingtheloop.eu 

For more information about this collaboration see the website of Rabobank