Your phone is now waste neutral!

Congratulations on your waste-neutral phone. With that, the device you hold so dear better reflects your values and ambitions. You received this QR code card on one of the events where you met one of Closing the Loop's employees. 


Social Enterprise Closing the Loop delivers a pragmatic, tangible a positive implementation of ‘circularity for tech’. To compensate the waste footprint of the phone that you use everyday, Closing the Loop collects a broken phone in a country where electronic waste is normally not collected. By ensuring that this scrap device is now proper recycled, Closing the Loop reduces global e-waste. That additional waste reduction is used to make your device waste-neutral. Also known as ‘One for One’. This way, the innovative social enterprise delivers green value to organizations in Europe, while reducing electronic waste in the emerging world. The valuable metals in the waste - like gold, silver and copper - will be reused. That’s how a phone becomes waste-neutral, or compensated.  

What is electronic waste and why should we tackle this?

About 70% of the phones resold in Europe eventually end up in the emerging world. This reuse is great, until the phone stops working and becomes scrap. These end-of-life phones can also be a great opportunity, because phones contain valuable metals like gold, that can be reused, when extracted. Closing the Loop has 9 years of experience in collecting electronic waste in African countries and has saved over 3 million scrap devices from being dumped or burned.

What is the impact?

Your device is one of hundreds of thousands that Closing the Loop has made waste-neutral. Together with partners such as the Dutch Government and with the support of procurers, legislators and consumers, those numbers can contribute significantly to global e-waste reduction.

This starting point towards circular tech is good for local communities, the environment and the economy.

Do you want to know more about how Closing the Loop has made your phone waste-free? Click here.

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