CTL Nominated for Computable Awards 2023!

4 July 2023

The jury of the Computable Awards nominated Closing the Loop in the category of Sustainability & CSR

Computable is the Netherlands leading IT-Magazine, and for the second time in three years we have been nominated by the jury and this time the nomination is for the "Econ Project".

What is the Econ Project?
Between 2021-2022 we worked together with TCO and MMD/TP Vision (and many more) in expanding the concept of our waste compensation service beyond phones by including other types of e-waste such as monitors and batteries.

It was also about testing whether the local recycling industry in Nigeria can benefit from such initiatives.

And it worked!! 
✅ We collected and processed 30 t of e-waste sourced locally in Nigeria (overachieving the project goal by 10 t)
✅ Sold waste compensation of screens to a major brand 
✅ Partnered with 4 local downstream solution actors

The voting process has started and will be open until the 6th of October. The winner of the award will be announced at the 'Computable Awards' on October 30th. 

Vote here

- Category: Duurzaamheid & MVO
- Project name: Vermindering monitorafval (MMD, Closing the Loop en TCO Development)

Read more about the Computable Awards and our nomination here (in Dutch)