New Opportunities for Sustainable IT Purchasing

12 May 2021

Closing the Loop is part of a pilot project in Nigeria to further develop waste compensation to include flat screens and batteries. The project will expand the opportunities for more sustainable IT purchasing and for customers to align their IT spend to their company values. Closing the Loop is proud to work together with Germany’s leading environmental research institute and receive support of multiple governments throughout Europe and Africa to expand an innovative, inclusive service that allows for more sustainable IT purchasing; waste compensation. 

During an official launching event, policy stakeholders convened to get involved in this great step towards circular IT. Leading research institutions, governmental support and the involvement of the tech sector shows that this novel way of making IT more sustainable has a future and a place in the path towards a circular economy.

By expanding a proven, NGO-supported business model which Closing the Loop introduced in ‘16, the informal sector in Nigeria will be able to safely collect more end-of-life electronics. These will be recycled to ensure the scarce resources are reused. 


About the project

The project further develops an international financing mechanism for electronic waste (waste compensation) to include batteries and monitors. This will create an opportunity for the electronics industry and users of electronics to participate in this project, strengthening and further developing the recycling sector in Nigeria, and further advancing waste compensation as a service. This project in funded by the PREVENT Waste Alliance, an initiative of the German Federal Government, and the GIZ. Read more about the project on: