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2 December 2019

Press release

African urban-mined gold used in jewellery: new Essential Collection by VIERI

Amsterdam, 2 December 2019 - Today, high class jewellery brand VIERI launches its new Essential Collection and with this contributes to electronic waste reduction in Africa. This collection uses ‘urban mined gold’ which became available through the recycling service of Closing the Loop. 

Closing the Loop - an Amsterdam based social enterprise working on global e-waste reduction - created a unique and sustainable recycling service through which African scrap mobile phones (e-waste) are turned into valuable metals that can be used in a sustainable production process, such as the creation of jewellery. Urban mined gold is thus gold that is extracted from urban waste and is not mined in the traditional sense.


Guya Merkle, head of fine jewellery label VIERI, saw the opportunity for creating another responsible collection: with the new Essential Collection, she proves that jewellery can be created even more ‘beautiful’ than ever before, with urban mined African gold. Part of the revenue that will be made through the selling of this Essential Collection will be used by Closing the Loop, to continue their work in reducing electronic waste.

‘When I learned of Closing the Loop's work in Africa, I knew I had found the right partner for the new Essential Collection,” says Guya Merkle, head of VIERI. “We’re constantly looking to source 100% sustainable gold and thus to create the greatest possible impact. Recycled - or urban mined - gold that comes from old cell phones, so-called electronic waste, is the best option in the market.”

“Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Closing the Loop collects broken cell phones in countries where recycling is not facilitated. Often these are developing countries. We guarantee the phone are responsibly recycled.” says Joost de Kluijver, CEO and founder of Closing the Loop: “It is fantastic to see urban mined gold is being appreciated and being used for the creation of beautiful jewellery. The origin of the metals used for this beautiful collection clearly add to its value and grandeur.” 

About two-thirds of phones traded on the second-hand markets in Europe or the US, end up in developing countries where there is no proper recycling infrastructure. At end-of-life, the waste - containing heavy metals and flame retardants, for example - creates a dangerous problem that affects human and environmental health. Closing the Loop addresses this part of the electronic waste challenge, in Africa. Through recycling the company turns the e-waste into social and economic value for local communities. 

VIERI is the second jewellery brand - after Nowa, a Dutch-based Social Enterprise - to use urban mined metals from Closing the Loop in their products, showing there is a clear demand for gold mined in a social and environmental-friendly way. 

By buying the new Essential Collection of VIERI, customers directly promote global e-waste recycling and they receive a great piece of fine jewellery. The Essential Collection of VIERI can be viewed and bought on:



VIERI believes that fine jewellery and responsible business practice cannot exist without each other. Driven by the desire to create a positive impact in every aspect of the company, Guya Merkle made this her mission, as she founded the jewellery brand in 2015.

The desire to make a difference was further strengthened during Guya’s travels to Peru. There, she met workers at the gold mines and discovered they were not just regularly exposed to toxic materials without being aware of it but their working conditions in general were far away of calling them fair and safe. This realisation had a profound effect on Guya, which prompted her to redefine her vision of true luxury. Since 2015, VIERI is proud to solely use ethically sourced gold or recycled materials and gemstones while implementing targeted initiatives to give back to gold mining communities.

VERI is working closely together with the earthbeat foundation, which was founded in 2013. Hereby the company makes sure to invest in alternative income solutions for people working in the gold mines as well as protecting the environment and making sure that the topic is getting more and more exposure and awareness.

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About Closing the Loop 

Closing the Loop (CTL) is a social enterprise that offers a service that compensates the footprint of mobile devices. With this, the Dutch company serves the telecom industry and its customers in their ambition to make the procurement and usage of mobile devices more sustainable. Through this service, called One for One, CTL compensates its customers’ new devices by collecting and recycling African waste phones. 

Known customers of the One for One service of Closing the Loop are T-Mobile, KPMG, the city of Utrecht, Rabobank and the government of the Netherlands. 

For more information please contact: Karin Groot, Marketing Manager Closing the Loop: E-mail: karin.groot [at]