Closing the Loop wins 'Doing Business in Africa' award

29 November 2019

Every year, for the 'Doing Business in Africa' award, NABC picks a few companies that they see doing impressive business in the continent and from those, NABC asks their stakeholders to vote for those companies they are most impressed with.

From the top 5 companies, three were picked as the most favourite. The top 3 finalist companies for the Annual Doing Business in Africa Award were; 

'Doing Business in Africa' award finalists

At the annual Ambassador's Dinner each finalist got to pitch to the ambassadors and other visitors present. Those present got to vote for the final winner, and Closing the Loop won the award! We are very proud of the award and the recognition!

Closing the Loop CEO, Mr. Joost de Kluijver received the award on behalf of the company.

We would like to thank the NABC for the nomination, as well as all those that had the faith in our work that made this possible! We hope this helps us to to more good work on the continent and for sustainable IT!

You can read more about our award winning solution for sustainable IT here.